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Lindsey Sparks

HARDCOVER: After The Ending 10th Anniversary Deluxe Special Edition (SIGNED + signed bookplate)

HARDCOVER: After The Ending 10th Anniversary Deluxe Special Edition (SIGNED + signed bookplate)

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Signed 10th Anniversary Special Edition Hardcover of After The Ending + a matching bookplate signed by both authors.

This deluxe edition features:

  • Color Interior
  • Headbands
  • Dust Jacket by Deranged Doctor Designs
  • Throwback Case Design by Lindsey Sparks
  • Fancy Interior Formatting by Lindsey Pogue
  • Signed by Lindsey Sparks (aka Lindsey Fairleigh)
  • Cover History Gallery
  • 50+ pages of bonus content
  • Alt POV and Deleted Scenes, Character Interviews, and more
  • The Ending Survival Guide Excerpts
  • Author Q&A and Story Behind the Story
  • Pages from Author Notebooks
  • Maps, Charts, and other fun goodies

They may have survived the apocalypse, but the Virus changed them...

Grad student Dani O'Connor falls violently ill when a mysterious outbreak spreads across the globe. When her fever finally breaks, she barely recognizes the devastated world around her. Everyone is dead, and Dani is all alone. Or so she thinks...

Across the country, her bartender best friend Zoe, is used to dealing with hotheads and dirtbags, but nothing could have prepared her for the twisted thoughts of her fellow survivors. Anyone left alive is either sick, insane, or her. As her newfound super senses gain strength, Zoe must learn to control them before she loses herself to madness completely.

Can Dani and Zoe overcome deadly attacks and unseen dangers when deranged survivors lurk in dark corners everywhere? Or will they lose their way–and their lives–on the journey to find one another?

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