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AUDIOBOOK: Darkness Between the Stars (Fateless Trilogy, book 2)

AUDIOBOOK: Darkness Between the Stars (Fateless Trilogy, book 2)

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Performed by Stina Nielsen, Neill Thorne, and Lisa Zahra

Only he can prevent the tapestry of time from unraveling. Only she can kill him. Yet he will do anything to claim her.

Tarset, a captive of time, is trapped in one of the most tumultuous periods of Egypt's history. Torn between her fated soulmate, Atum, and the life she left behind, she must grapple with a heartrending choice. As she navigates her new reality, a dangerous, uncontrollable power grows within her, threatening to consume everything in its path.

Haunted by the guilt of a deadly event born from her burgeoning abilities, Tarset fears there will never be a place for her in this ancient era or the future she left behind. As her power spirals out of control, Atum becomes her anchor. But will his love be enough to save her from the encroaching darkness?

Can Atum help Tarset tame the inferno within and forge a destiny that unites the fractured timeline, or will the shadows of her heart swallow these star-crossed lovers whole?

Darkness Between the Stars is the enthralling second book in the Fateless Trilogy—a dark and seductive time travel romance series that envelops you in the mystique of Egyptian mythology, the torment of forbidden love, and the atmospheric beauty of a time long past. Immerse yourself in Lindsey Sparks' evocative tale and continue your captivating journey through the sands of time.


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