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AUDIOBOOK: Sonance (An Echo Trilogy Novella Duet)

AUDIOBOOK: Sonance (An Echo Trilogy Novella Duet)

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Audiobooks of RESONANCE and DISSONANCE, delivered by BookFunnel.

Performed by Dana Dae.

Listening Length: 3 hours and 53 minutes

Both Echo Trilogy novellas in a single edition!

RESONANCE, between Echo in Time and Time Anomaly

A week has passed since the confrontation with Set. Lex and Marcus have been biding their time in Florence, waiting for Set to make a move. Just as they're settling in to their new life together, an act of vandalism on one of Marcus's most prized possessions reveals that their past—and future—is far more complex than they realized.

DISSONANCE, between Time Anomaly and Ricochet Through Time

With her feet firmly planted in the present, Apep no longer a threat, and twins on the way, Lex is ready to settle back into her normal life—or what qualifies as normal now that her family knows everything about the secret world of the Nejerets, mythic gods of time. But an innocent day trip to Seattle feels off to Lex the moment she steps onto the ferry, and an unsettling dream quickly turns into an all-too-real nightmare. When past and future dangers collide, Lex is forced to acknowledge that Apep might not have been the only—or the biggest—threat out there.

The past clashes with the present in the Echo Trilogy, a paranormal saga of ancient prophecies and warring gods. If you like Egyptian mythology, steamy romance, time-bending mysteries, and complex characters, then you’ll love this sprawling time travel adventure.


Echo in Time
Resonance (an Echo Trilogy novella)
Time Anomaly
Dissonance (an Echo Trilogy novella)
Ricochet Through Time

Ink Witch
Soul Eater

Song of Scarabs and Fallen Stars
Darkness Between the Stars
Uncross the Stars
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