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EBOOK COLLECTION: Atlantis Legacy, the complete series

EBOOK COLLECTION: Atlantis Legacy, the complete series

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All six ebooks in the Atlantis Legacy bundled together!

Embark on the Epic Adventure of the Atlantis Legacy Series!

Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of the Atlantis Legacy with this complete eBook bundle. Featuring all six books and an enthralling prequel, this bundle is perfect for fans of ancient mysteries, Greek mythology, and pulse-pounding action. Perfect for binge-reading, each book will transport you to extraordinary worlds, both ancient and futuristic.

Series Includes:

Sacrifice of the Sinners (Prequel) Meet Peri, a psychic warrior in the elite Order of Amazons, tasked with protecting the last vestiges of her people on Atlantis. As corruption threatens the sanctuary planet, Peri’s forbidden romance with Hades leads her to a decision that could either save or doom her people.

Legacy of the Lost (Book 1) Cora Blackthorn’s reclusive life shatters when a cryptic SOS from her mother propels her into a perilous adventure. Armed with an alien amulet and her mother’s journal, she must navigate deadly catacombs beneath Vatican City to uncover the truth behind her extraordinary gift and save her mother.

Fate of the Fallen (Book 2) Cora, now aware of her psychic abilities, must escape the sinister Custodes Veritatis and solve the mysteries left by Hades. Her quest takes her to a hidden civilization in the Amazon rainforest, where she discovers that the greatest threat might be Persephone herself.

Dreams of the Damned (Book 3) An old enemy resurfaces, threatening Earth. Joined by her allies, Cora must lead an off-world mission to prevent global destruction, all while grappling with her newfound powers and divided heart.

Song of the Soulless (Book 4) With Earth on the brink of destruction, Cora races against time to fend off the ruthless Tsakali invaders. Supported by humans and Olympians, she fights to save her planet, fearing that her refusal to abandon either people might doom them both.

Blood of the Broken (Book 5) Reeling from loss, Cora embarks on a mission to reclaim her heart’s shattered pieces. Her quest for vengeance leads her to a dangerous alien planet, where she must decide between dwelling on her losses or embracing the future with those who remain.

Rise of the Revenants (Book 6) In this breathtaking conclusion, Cora and Hades face the ultimate challenge to end the war between Olympians and Tsakali. With humanity’s survival at stake, Cora must master her gifts and strike a perilous bargain that could cost her everything.

Why You’ll Love This Bundle:

  • Immersive Storytelling: Dive into a richly woven tapestry of adventure, romance, and myth.
  • Epic Saga: Follow the complete journey from the ancient world to the far reaches of space.
  • Convenient Collection: Enjoy the entire Atlantis Legacy series from start to finish in one comprehensive bundle.

Perfect For:

Fans of Stargate SG-1, Tomb Raider, Battlestar Galactica, The Expanse, and The Origin Mystery series by AG Riddle. Whether you’re reading on your commute, during a cozy evening at home, or while lounging on the beach, the Atlantis Legacy eBook bundle is your perfect companion for an unforgettable adventure.

Get ready to embark on a journey that spans millennia and galaxies. Download the Atlantis Legacy eBook Bundle today and let the adventure begin!

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