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PAPERBACK: Song of the Soulless (Atlantis Legacy, book 4) [SIGNED]

PAPERBACK: Song of the Soulless (Atlantis Legacy, book 4) [SIGNED]

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Signed paperback edition of SONG OF THE SOULLESS

The fourth book in the exhilarating treasure-hunting adventure series, the Atlantis Legacy.

Earth is doomed, but humanity still has a fighting chance…

Cora, the reincarnation of the powerful Amazon warrior, Persephone, already died to protect Earth once before. She’s not about to let her sacrifice be in vain.

Backed up by a dream team of humans and Olympians, Cora races against the clock to save what she can of the planet—and people—she loves from the ruthless Tsakali invaders. As the clock ticks down, she fears she made a grave mistake. By refusing to abandon either of her people, she may have inadvertently doomed both.

Song of the Soulless is the fourth book in the captivating sci-fi adventure series, the Atlantis Legacy. If you like ancient mysteries, Greek mythology, treasure-hunting adventurers, and epic love stories, then you’ll love this exhilarating adventure!


Sacrifice of the Sinners (prequel)
Legacy of the Lost
Fate of the Fallen
Dreams of the Damned
Song of the Soulless
Blood of the Broken
Rise of the Revenants

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